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Have you heard of FinTech Consortium’s new venture? Well, it’s a global FinTech investment platform called InQvest Partners, and it has already marked its presence at Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB), the largest financial technology hub in the region.

As part of this new venture, “InQvest will pursue investments and deploy capital through its debut investment vehicle, InQvest Fintech Holdings,” read a company announcement. On top of that, there is also the $100 million Global FinTech Fund, which enjoys the backing of numerous regional and international investors groups and institutions, including several Bahrain-based institutional partners. [100 mil FinTech fun, is it real?]

InQvest Partners will tap into FinTech Consortium’s footprint in the US, Singapore, and Bahrain to invest in FinTech opportunities across North America, Europe, and the fast-developing economies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

FinTech Consortium mentioned that InQvest would offer a unique proposition to back its investments in the financial technology sector and help them grow seamlessly across markets.

“We believe that InQvest Partners is very well positioned to leverage on the network, domain expertise and operational capabilities that FinTech Consortium has developed over recent years,” said Gerben Visser, Founder of Fintech Consortium and CEO of InQvest Partners.

He added, “Furthermore, we have been fortunate to work alongside bright, talented and driven FinTech entrepreneurs, assist them in the early stages of their growth journey, and through InQvest Partners to add growth capital to compliment those relationships is tremendously exciting and rewarding.”

The new venture comes off as positive news for the fast-developing FinTech ecosystem in Bahrain and the rest of the region — especially considering that InQvest Partners are committed to lending a helping hand to FinTech firms at the early state or growth stage.