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News has been going around that Flat6Labs Bahrain is looking to invest in two startups from Kerala, but is that true? No.

We sat down with Flat6Labs Bahrain to get the real story and correct misinformation spreading about the latest news that it is in “talks” to invest in two startups based in India.

The two startups that Flat6Labs Bahrain is rumored to be in talks with are EXPRESSbase Systems, a software startup that builds products that enable businesses to run key processes on the cloud up to 10x faster and Articbot, which developed India’s first multilingual chatbot — a feat that is expected to come handy in the country with 22 official languages.

According to Flat6Labs Bahrain, both of these startups were previously invested in as they were part of their previous cycles. ExpressBase Systems has participated in Flat6Labs Bahrain’s 2nd cycle, and Articbot participated in their 3rd cycle. They are not currently “in talks” with any of these startups since they have already participated in their cycles.

We’d also like to point out that there is another startup from Kerala that was previously invested in by Flat6Labs Bahrain as part of their third cycle, Foaps, a platform used for F&B enterprises to sell on multiple online food delivery apps, all in one place. It easily integrates third-party delivery apps into one platform to receive and manage orders in one place was also part of the third cycle. 

Flat6Labs Bahrain is also currently conducting their bootcamp for the 4th cycle, where 17 startups will get the chance to join Flat6Labs Bahrain’s portfolio! To keep up with Flat6Labs Bahrain’s news, make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram.