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Two years since its inception, Flat6Labs Ignite Program, in collaboration with DisruptAD, has achieved remarkable progress. With tailored coaching, mentoring, and training, the program has secured investments of US$10.2 million for 38 promising start-ups, the majority (68%) of which originated in the UAE.

Flat6Labs Ignite is a specialized seed program dedicated to supporting start-ups in Abu Dhabi. With four cohorts successfully completed and the fifth to be announced soon, the program has witnessed a surge in popularity, attracting over 4,000 applications from start-ups worldwide. Notably, 77% of founders applying for the program are based outside the UAE, reflecting Abu Dhabi’s status as a thriving global hub for entrepreneurship.

Ryaan Sharif, General Manager at Flat6Labs UAE, emphasized the program’s impact, and said: “Our mission was to foster the thriving start-up ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. The results now speak for themselves and the work we have done has been bolstered by commendable initiatives by the government that make the city highly attractive to entrepreneurs from around the world. Supported by highly favourable regulation, vast opportunity for securing investment, and unparalleled access to top global talent, entrepreneurs who establish or relocate their operations to the city have the outsized potential to achieve success.”

He added, “This combined with the world-class mentorship and critical-stage funding provided by our Ignite program, offers start-ups a proven platform to help them make the leap from disruptors to market leaders.”

The program’s influence on Abu Dhabi’s startup ecosystem is evident in the job creation it has facilitated. Nearly 140 founders have been expertly trained, leading to the creation of 668 new jobs for highly qualified professionals. To sustain this momentum, Flat6Labs and DisruptAD have increased the average initial investment in each organization and now provide follow-on funding for top-performing start-ups in each cycle.

Sharif highlighted the comprehensive support ecosystem, stating, “Funding, while critical, is just one part of the success equation. The reason so many of the start-ups supported by our program, such as Washmen, RemotePass, and YourParts, have gone on to become massive successes is because of the world-class support ecosystem we have created together with our ecosystem partners.”

Rabih Chaar, CEO at Nadeera, attested to the program’s value, commenting: “We’ve been in many programs and the Flat6Labs program is unique as it allowed us to build family-like friendships. We received honest feedback and the right mentorship sessions that helped our start-up grow and advance.”