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Egyptian food delivery platform Otlob is undergoing a complete rebranding. The new development comes after the company was recently acquired by Talabat, one of the largest food delivery services in the Middle East. 

Among other things, the acquisition deal also marks a big leap forward for Delivery Hero, the parent company that owns Talabat. Berlin, Germany-based Delivery Hero has been undertaking a series of new measures over the past few years to consolidate its business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

With that objective in mind, Talabat had also acquired another company Carriage earlier this year. 

Once Otlob’s rebranding goes live on September 1, Delivery Hero will retain only three consumer-facing brands across the county. The two rival  platforms include Zomato (mostly focused on the UAE), and HungerStation (Saudi)..

In a conversation with the media following the signing of the new contract, Talabat issued In response to this milestone agreement between the two entities by noting: “The September 1st rebrand reconfirms Talabat’s commitment to the Egyptian market, and the vast potential that it holds. In the upcoming years Talabat will continue to invest significantly in the country to stimulate growth in a range of delivery-related sectors – aligning with the recently launched Digital Transformation initiative by the Egyptian government.”

Launched over two decades back in 1999m Otlob is widely regarded as the first-ever food delivery platform in the region. The brand itself has witnessed multiple changes in ownership 

If everything goes as per plan, Talabat will be expected to create more than 50,000 freelancing jobs by the end of 2020 while simultaneously it could also roll out its dark stores in Egypt.