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Malaeb, one of the fastest-growing SportsTech startups in Bahrain, as well as the broader region, has inked a new partnership with Vooora Ventures. The news about the new partnership came from Kooora itself, which happens to be the first SportsTech accelerator in all of MENA.

Just in case you are not yet familiar with Malaeb, the company was founded in 2016 by Founder and CEO Yasser Abdulaziz. The startup’s self-titled app offers a community for football players and enthusiasts that comes loaded with various perks including the ability to book fields and join local football matches.

In 2017, Malaeb conducted a successful seed round which was participated by several leading investors including the likes of 500 Startups, Raed Ventures, and Vision Ventures, among others. The net yield from the round, however, wasn’t disclosed.

Speaking of the decision to invest in Malaeb, Kooora CEO Mustafa Mohammed said: “We have a responsibility in developing the whole range of the sports ecosystem for players to spectators. We believe that there is a gap in innovative ventures in the Middle East whether in sports lifestyle, entertainment, technology, media and support services.”

He added, “Kooora will provide startups with endorsement, network and reach across the MENA region. Kooora’s partnership with Malaeb embodies our commitment towards the endorsement of innovation in our region.”

Meanwhile, stating that Malaeb is “very pleased” to have partnered Kooora, Yasser Abdulaziz noted on an optimistic note that the collaboration will help them “bring innovation into the sports industry in the region.”