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Forbes Middle East earlier this week announced that it has entered an agreement with AIM Startup 2018 to be the official and exclusive magazine partner for the widely-anticipated event. This is the second consecutive term when the magazine is onboard with AIM Startup as a strategic partner.

Forbes also conducted a strategic panel discussion at the Dubai World Trade Center earlier today. The topic of discussion was how tech startups are influencing the modern society. Ahmed Abdulwahab, Senior Advisor at Forbes Middle East, moderated the discussion as participants debated and exchanged ideas about the best ways to make use of cutting-edge technologies to resolve social issues.

“After working closely with tech startups, I have realized that these tech entrepreneurs can help contribute the society by being a voice for billions of people across the world to tackle social issues. We plan to highlight how tech startups are making a positive impact across the globe, measuring their social impact and their stake in social impact tech startups,” said Ahmed Abdulwahab while putting across his thoughts on the importance of a healthy technology startup ecosystem.

The panelists included: Ganesh Rengawamy, Quona Capital, India; Aya Sader, Incubation anaer, Intelak, UAE and Rafi-Uddine Shikoh, Goodforce Labs, UAE; and Jake Zeller, Partner, AngelLIst, USA.

“Technology, today, continues to play a very important role in addressing social issues like financial services and healthcare. Partnering with such events helps us to connect more deeply with entrepreneurs and support their contribution in creating social impact,” Khuloud Al Omian, Editor in Chief, Forbes Middle East, chipped in to highlight the growing role tech startups can play in improving the quality of life for people across the Middle East and beyond.