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It’s official — video game voice assistant developer Fridai will be joining the forthcoming edition of Microsoft for Startups accelerator cohort. Assuming all goes as per plan, the startup may use this opportunity to launch their unique product in the Microsoft Windows and Xbox gaming ecosystems.

But that’s not all, the German startup has also promised to bring Arabic language voice assistant to gamers to make gameplays more immersive and exciting for their target audience in the Arab world. 

Just in case you’re not familiar with Fridai’s in-game voice assistant Isaac, you should definitely look it up. It’s not a finished product yet, but it’s promising, to say the least. You could use it to perform various in-game tasks without having to pause or wait until the end of the gameplay. 

Few simpler examples include – Isaac gives you the ability to capture and save screenshots or video clips from the game while you’re still playing. It can also respond to your queries regarding how to improve your gaming experience and you can have it post social media updates and check notifications using voice commands. Fridai has promised to add more features as the product matures. 

As for the chance to join Microsoft’s accelerator, it is likely to expedite the company’s success rate with investors. Prior to this, the company had raised just about $60,000. 

“Microsoft has already offered complete support for releasing Fridai for Windows and Xbox. We already support windows so there’s nothing big necessary in the tech there we need to change,” said Fridai CEO and co-founder Mark Engelhardt.

Engelhardt added: “Microsoft used to offer Cortana support [for its games] but has been moving away from it. There’s a space there for a voice assistant which we hope Fridai will be there to fill. They trust us and trust our tech, but we have to prove ourselves.”