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As originally published on Startup MGZN.

Egyptian Gaming startup GamesBandy announced earlier that it has secured an undisclosed Seed round from Flat6Labs Bahrain and Tamkeen.

The startup is basically a gem for MENA region gamers, as it functions as a marketplace that allows them to transact in the utmost safety. Not only so, but they also offer trust and validity to both purchases and sales. The startup’s source of profits is through commissions of sales.

GamesBandy is on the fast-track to growth in the gaming marketplace, as gamers are able to sell their pre-owned high-level accounts to whoever has a preference to pay rather than play the game at its very first beginning.

The startup’s Founder, Abdulrhman AboShamah, has shared: “Gaming is no longer a pastime. Due to the tremendous popularity of gaming throughout the world, many gamers have turned their passion into a lucrative business, and we’re aiming to facilitate that for the gaming community.”SEE ALSO

GamesBandy is planning to utilize their new funds towards the improvement of their platform, in addition to their expansion to support more games, as well as to invest in marketing to grow their users base.