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This year marked the beginning of a new and simplified tax regime in Saudi Arabia, as the government formally introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT).

The General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) has introduced a new VAT application that enables mobile users to calculate the actual tax they need to pay while buying a new product or service. Available on both Google Play and App Store, the new app supports both English and Arabic.

The VAT app comes in handy when you want to calculate the exact amount of tax based on the sum total of your purchase. You can also use the built-in QR Code Scanner to search and verify the registration of the entity, the tax identification number, or the commercial registration number.

Additionally, you can also use the app to report abuse of the new tax regime by business entities. It’s simple – in case the VAT charged to you by a seller doesn’t match the actual VAT amount suggested by the app, you can use the built-in Report function to inform relevant authorities about potential misuse of the revamped tax structure.

The VAT application comes packed with all the information you’ll need to know about the new tax. It contains detailed information on the terms & conditions, taxpayer charter, law and regulations, the list of goods and services subject to VAT, taxpayer calculator, frequently asked questions, and much more.