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New York-based multinational conglomerate GE Healthcare demonstrated its next-generation applications and smart devices built on the Edison platform at the ongoing Arab Health 2019 exhibition.

A global event where participants from across the world show off their advanced portfolio of products and solutions, this year’s edition of the Arab Health exhibition is being hosted by the Dubai World Trade Center. The exhibition kicked off on Jan 28 and will continue through later today.

For those uninitiated, Edison is a platform that enables businesses to accelerate the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems capable of rolling out faster and more efficient solutions to specific problems.

Edison currently constitutes an integral part of GE Healthcare’s global growth strategy. Especially in light of the fact that the company has already invested close to $1 billion for building a formidable digital portfolio.

As part of this initiative, GE Healthcare’s clinical partners deploy Edison to develop algorithms whereas technology partners chip in using state-of-the-art machine learning and data processing.

“From digital solutions to advanced diagnostic equipment, our solutions presented at Arab Health 2019 are designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers. With the region focusing on transforming the healthcare sector by investing in modern technology, our portfolio is ideally suited to achieve better patient outcomes” Elie Chaillot, President & CEO of GE Healthcare, Eastern Growth Markets, said at the event.

GE Healthcare leveraged the global platform facilitated by Arab Health 2019 by introducing next-generation digital products such as the multi-disciplinary Discovery IGS 7 OR for neuro, spine and orthopedic surgeons and Liver ASSIST V.I. Simply put, this new product has shown the promise of benefiting patients by paving the way for minimally-invasive therapies that cause less pain, minimize risks, and expedite recovery period.

GE’s other AI-powered solutions introduced at Arab Health 2019 include AIRx, an automated workflow tool for MRI brain scans; Critical Care Suite* on Optima XR240amx, a new solution for diagnosing critical conditions of pneumothorax faster and more accurately; and CT Smart Subscription.