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Tech bootcamp provider General Assembly has reported a successful second iteration of its career fair, TechHire. The event connected its program graduates with eleven top-tier tech companies, leading to over twenty positive outcomes including full-time roles as well as paid internships, with positions ranging from Data Analysts and Software Engineers to UX Designers and Product Development Specialists.

The pioneer in experiential education has nurtured strategic partnerships with over 75 companies in Bahrain, enabling it to successfully organize career fairs for its graduates. 

“Educators such as General Assembly are key instruments in Bahrain’s drive to foster the development of skills and competencies needed for Bahrainis to enter the technology field and contribute to its development in the Kingdom,” said Ali Hasan, Executive Director of Programs and Partnership Development at the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), on the occasion. “We are happy to see positive results especially since digital transformation is a key pillar of our current strategic priorities and is aligned with the government’s directives to leverage the power of technologies to transform the public and private sectors through its digital-first policy.” 

It should be noted that General Assembly’s training programs are supported by Tamkeen for Bahraini nationals; the partnership has secured favorable results for over 450 students in Bahrain so far, in fields such as Software Engineering, User Experience Design, Data Analytics, Data Science & Digital Product Management.

“It is truly impressive to observe the high demand for our General Assembly graduates, who are local Bahraini talent, by top companies and tech-oriented businesses,” said Ahlam Oun, Bahrain Head of Operations at General Assembly. 

“We are pleased that all the companies participating in the TechHire Career Fair offered job openings that align seamlessly with the skills of our graduates. These events carry significant importance for us, as our dedication in Bahrain extends beyond mere reskilling and upskilling for job seekers and career shifters.” She added that General Assembly welcomes any corporate partnership which ensures that Bahraini tech talent is the number one choice of employment in the industry. 

Ms. Oun reaffirmed that the fast-moving tech industry mandates staying at the forefront of trends to ensure students are prepared for the developing landscape further emphasizing the importance of close collaboration with the tech sector to keep up with evolving needs. 

Besides job fairs, General Assembly also supports students in their careers through networking opportunities, job placement assistance, and career support services. 

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that General Assembly’s TechHire career fair provided me,” said General Assembly Bahrain alumnus Ahlam Almutawa. “As a graduate of the software engineering cohort, the fair connected me with Amakin, where I secured a job as an IT analyst and the event was instrumental in helping me transition into the tech industry through which I am excited to contribute my skills and knowledge to such a dynamic and innovative company. General Assembly’s commitment to connecting graduates with top-tier tech companies is truly commendable, and I am proof that their efforts yield successful outcomes for aspiring tech professionals.” 

To learn more about General Assembly’s activities please visit their website.