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Brinc, a leading global accelerator operator, has announced the launch of the Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator program. The program is set to focus on developing a fully automated supply chain and logistics infrastructure in NEOM, and it will welcome series A start-ups with solutions focused on pick and pack robotics, autonomous material handling units, automated transport loading and unloading, vertical distribution, smart lockers, and last mile delivery.

The program is designed to support and empower entrepreneurs to innovate and scale their businesses rapidly. Through it, Brinc is committed to collaborating with world-leading industry experts, including McLaren Racing partners, to refine and live-test solutions that can impact industries across the region and beyond.

The accelerator program will offer eligible candidates a unique opportunity to enhance their logistics infrastructure. The program will require eligible candidates to travel to Oxagon for portions of the program, where they will work with experts to develop, refine, and pilot-test their solutions.

Brinc’s commitment to nurturing and scaling businesses, coupled with its collaboration with industry experts, makes the Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator program a remarkable opportunity for businesses focused on logistics infrastructure. The program has the potential to make a significant impact on the logistics industry, and Brinc is excited to be at the forefront of this transformational change.

You can apply to the program here!