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If you are a game developer or an enthusiast currently living in Bahrain, then mark your calendar for Global Game Jam 2018, one of the most popular gaming-focused global events. The Bahraini edition of the event will take place on January 26 – 28 at CH9.

If you are not familiar with Global Game Jam yet, it’s not a gaming competition. Rather, it’s an international event that aims to serve as a podium where like-minded people can get together to create video games, as well as non-digital games such as card and board games.

The premise of the event is simple – it allows participants, called ‘Jammers’ to “work together to rapidly prototype game designs and hopefully create inspiring new ideas that contribute to the growth of the games industry.”

The event is held at multiple venues all over the world with all Global Game Jam venues sharing a common theme. There’s also an optional provision for jam diversifiers (read: sub-themes) that facilitate an additional structure to participants.

You can register for Global Game Jam 2018 Bahrain by visiting the official website and signing up for the Bahrain location (or for that matter, any other location of your choice). To gain access to free resources for jammers, click your way through to the resources section of the site.

You can also find the detailed schedule of the event on Unreal Bahrain website