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Egyptian coding boot camp AlMakinah has joined forces with Global Shapers Giza Hub to launch its all-female coding training program. However, unlike the previous rendition of the program, Gearup Women Edition 2019 will offer full scholarships to all shortlisted participants.

The program will kick off in January next year, and it will accept 15 top-applicants for weekend-only training sessions that will continue throughout two months. The participants will be taught the basics of front-end development.

But that’s not all — of these 15 women, seven will be shortlisted by AlMakinah for its flagship program designed to teach full stack web development. This program spans 14 weeks with daily classes. The participants who graduate the program can expect job opportunities with salaries startup at somewhere around $300 per month (on par with the entry-level salary the average web developer earns in Egypt).

AlMakinah will distribute the scholarships through Global Sharpers Giza Hub, which recently

received a grant of $20,000 from the World Economic Forum and P&G Global. Egypt currently has a very high female unemployment rate that stands somewhere around 25 percent or more. Fortunately, however, the country’s private and public sector organizations have taken cognizance of the issue and are trying to rectify it through different mediums such as the one initiated by AlMakinah and Global Sharpers Giza Hub.