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If you think your startup is drenched in potential and deserves a spot in the top hierarchy of the global startup scene, maybe you should consider participating in the Corporates & Startups Open Innovation Challenge 2019. To be hosted on the sidelines on the Mobile World Congress 2019, Barcelona, the event will see some of the world’s most renowned startups battling it out for the top prize.

The Corporates & Startups Open Innovation Challenge 2019 is being organized by the Agency of Business Competitiveness (ACCIO) with support from 4YFN.

The event will see participation by 20 global corporate giants including Nissan, Orange, Repsol, Carrefour, and Bayer, among others. These companies will seek innovative, disruptive, and original technological solutions from competing startups in an array of fields including 5G, industry 4.0, battery technology, the blockchain, and more.

Corporates & Startups Open Innovation Challenge is an extension of the widely-held consensus and big corporates that the best innovations usually come from outside, which prompts them to reach out to emerging startups for gaining access to new, disruptive solutions. In return, these companies offer the collaborating startups access to their infrastructure and customer access, in addition to (often) helping them out financially.


So if you think your startup is up for the challenge, go visit the official event page and send in your applications by Jan 14, 2019.