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Following the successful completion of Egypt’s first-ever health hackathon at KMT House earlier this year in March, Health 2.0 has now joined forces with Falak Startups to kick off a meetup next week. Dubbed Meiosis, the meetup scheduled on August 13, 2018, aims to inspire healthcare tech innovators by giving them access to top mentors in the domain alongside eminent industry leaders in the realms of healthcare, technology, business, and investment.

According to an initial internal assessment, Meiosis is expected to be attended by 25 health-tech startups, and participants will attend three mentoring sessions during which 15-20 experienced mentors will provide them insights into the fine art of launching a successful venture in the field of health-tech.

“The purpose is to guide innovation towards where it is needed. So that entrepreneurs don’t establish startups that do not address the real problems faced in hospitals, clinics, and the Egyptian people on a wider scope,” says Omar Shaker of Health 2.0 in a conversation with the media. He added: “So we want to gather people from these ecosystems to support the young innovators in the field of health tech. We want to be the place where they go to and meet experts and investors.”

Since its launch in 2014, Health 2.0 has been a leading annual healthcare convention based out of Santa Carla. It presents a platform to policymakers, investors, healthcare startups, health-tech innovators to network and collectively discuss important issues such as improving the quality of the healthcare system regardless of geographic boundaries.