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The Bahraini chapter of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) 2020 national finals took place on Aug 27. As always, the competition successfully pushed its agenda of elevating entrepreneurship across all stages by focusing on three different tracks — the idea stage, the early stage, and growth stage or beyond.

There was also a separate track called social entrepreneurship aimed at discovering up-and-coming entrepreneurs committed to using their innovations for greater social benefits. 

Six entrepreneurs made it to the finals including:

  1. Ali MazraehADRI (Early Stage)
  2. Khalifa AlMannaiEvergo (Early Stage)
  3. Sonya JanahiMaya La Chocolaterie (Growth Stage)
  4. Sarah SchwabThe Experience Accelerator (Growth Stage)
  5. Mohamed KhalilThe Platform (Early Stage)
  6. Ali AlalawiUnipal (Early Stage)

Following a rather intense competition, the list of top-3 performers came out as following:

  1. Mohamed Khalil – The Platform (Early Stage) – Winner
  2. Ali Mazraeh – ADRI (Early Stage)
  3. Ali Alalawi – Unipal (Early Stage)

Mohamed Khalil, the winner, will now automatically qualify for the global finals besides being granted admission to Accelerate 2.0. 

In Accelerate 2, all global finalists participate in a combination of one-on-one mentorship and virtual training sessions. Based on their performance during this training program, 100 startups are handpicked from all over the world for the EWC 100.

It is worth mentioning here that all global finalists are entitled to in-kind prize awards worth as much as $100,000. Meanwhile, global finalists who make it to the EWC 100 will receive an additional $700,000 worth of in-kind benefits.