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Over the past few years, the Kingdom has established itself as a pioneer in technological innovation and digital transformation in the financial services and FinTech sectors. Bahrain’s emphasis on digitization was evident as experts from across the Middle East and beyond gathered at the Gulf Convention Center to participate in this year’s Meet ICT conference and the Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX).

2018 marked the eighth anniversary of Meet ICT and BITEX. The event, organized by BTECH and WORKSMART under the patronage of H.E. Kamal Ahmed, the Minister of Transport and Communications, kicked off on a high note on Feb 13.

Experts representing the local, regional, and global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry took parts in panel discussions at the Meet ICT conference to address the accomplishments of the industry and the challenges that lay ahead of it.

Meanwhile, at the simultaneously held BITEX 2018, nearly 50 companies from the region demonstrated their innovations to a large gathering of experts, investors, and other stakeholders in the rapidly growing ICT sector.

“When used and managed correctly these technologies can drive economic and social gains for all stakeholders, the Minister said.

He added: “But in order to achieve this we must create the right environment for the stakeholders to leverage the power of ICT for sustainable growth. This objective has continually formed the core of Bahrain’s digital policies and telecommunications and ICT sector.”

Justin Siberell, the United States Ambassador to Bahrain, also participated in the event. In his speech, he highlighted on the growing economic collaboration between the two countries. The Ambassador said that US tech companies have traditionally played an important role in the development of the ICT industry in Bahrain. Siberell also urged innovators, as well as the startup ecosystem in both countries to join forces in a mutually beneficial arrangement.