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Microsoft has launched its Microsoft 365 Business in Bahrain, a multifaceted workplace solution to cover productivity, admin and security needs of the SME sector. This is in line with the US tech giant’s long-term policy to support the SMEs.

Microsoft has always been working closely with small businesses to help them engage customers and improve their overall performance. This innovative, multifaceted workplace solution is a combination of Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 with Enterprise Mobility and Security. Designed for small and midsize businesses, the new service is oriented to end-customers who have limited to no IT staff.

The company chose Bahrain because of its long-term ambitions to turn it into a leading tech hub in the GCC. Moreover, the World Bank has recently named the Kingdom among the global top 10 most improved economies for adopting reforms that make it easier to establish and operate a small business.

Mohammed Arif, Regional Director, Microsoft 365 Business Group, Microsoft Gulf said:

“As Bahrain continues taking its ambitious journey towards economic diversification, it’s small and medium enterprise sector will continue to play a leading role in that story.”

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated security, management and productivity solution that allows businesses to protect mission-critical operations while empowering employees to be mobile and collaborative.

The interaction between Office 365 and Windows 10 Pro allows Bahraini teams to work together in a modern, high-tech environment and use numerous connectivity tools to stay in touch with colleagues from other branches or abroad.

Small businesses have always been more vulnerable to cyber attacks than the larger international corporations with higher budgets for cybersecurity. A recent global survey confirmed the trend, citing that nearly 43 percent of hackers attack target small businesses. However, researchers found out that only 14 percent of these businesses can manage risks effectively. As a result, about 60 percent of the attacked companies stop their activities within five months of a hacker’s’ attack. Thanks to state-of-art malware protection of Microsoft 365 Business, Bahraini entrepreneurs will now be able to focus on their operations and growth, instead of thinking about cybersecurity.

Besides this, Microsoft 365 Business also offers some time-saving benefits for IT admin tasks. For instance, through a simple console, the companies can quickly set up new team members, manage user identities or configure device security policies.

The Microsoft StaffHub is another useful addition to the package of services. It allows first-line workers to manage their workday more efficiently by creating schedules, assigning tasks, and communicating with the whole team.