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STEP, widely recognized tech and experimental conferences in the MENA region, is all set to get a makeover for its sixth edition, scheduled on March 28 and 29, 2018.

Among other things, STEP 2018 will be designed to reflect the drastic transformation the global tech ecosystem has undergone over the past few years. The action-packed event will include one main stage and four industry-focused conferences.

The schedule and the format of STEP 2018 are such that it will allow more speakers to address various topical industry issues at great length. Additionally, the event will also have leading experts shedding insight into opportunities and challenges that await the realms of FinTech, entrepreneurship, digitization, smart cities, and transportation.

“We are living in exciting times where new technology is completely redefining how we live, work and play. The rate of disruption is accelerating thanks to a thriving startup scene here in the MENA region. It’s important that STEP continues to inspire and support innovation amongst this community with a platform that really caters to their needs. Our new home in Dubai Internet City allows us to evolve the STEP format to deliver even more great content and facilitate stronger connections within the region’s leading technology hub,” said Ray Dargham, CEO, STEP Group.

The four industry-focused conferences include:

1# STEP Start: The STEP Start stage will see an assembly of aspiring startup businesses and top entrepreneurs where the participants will discuss setting up, legalities, and various other issues pertaining to the ownership of launching technology startups in the region.

2# STEP Digital: On STEP Digital, speakers from around the world will discuss an array of topics including ‘Publishers, Platforms & Agencies in the 21st Century’ and ‘Arab Brands and Advertising’.

3# STEP X: The STEP X stage will be primarily focused on future technology such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, machine learning, smart cities, Internet of Things and much more.

4# STEP Money: STEP Money will be designed to address the rapidly changing economy in the world along with the evolution of the FinTech sector, as well as new realms of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital payment solutions.

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