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For those of you who couldn’t attend the Web Summit last year and wish you didn’t have to miss out on the largest tech conference in the world, we have fantastic news. A little part of the Web Summit is coming right into your backyard. The Runway to Web Summit, a pitching competition, is all set to make its MENA debut right here in Bahrain.

The event, while exciting on its own, will also bring you the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to Lisbon during the next iteration of the Web Summit. All you have to do is pitch an innovative entrepreneurial idea alongside a viable business model to be a part of the race for that “free” Lisbon trip.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a budding entrepreneur or own a startup, this is the perfect chance to get some visibility on an international platform. Just send in your application to be a part of the pitching competition.

Your applications will be reviewed right here, by our experts at StartUp Bahrain and we will shortlist ten best applicants from all over the region, and the winner will be rewarded with that sweet spot at Web Summit 2018 (among other perks).

For more information, Feel free to browse around Web Summit’s instagram, Twitter or Facebook.