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C5 Accelerate held their third edition of the Policy Hack series on Monday the 23rd of July. H.E. The fireside chat was with His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa, Chairman of Tamkeen, and discussed various issues including the role played by Tamkeen in Bahrain’s economic development and broader reforms.

The discussion also revolved around possible ways Tamkeen could help the government to raise a highly skilled and sustainable workforce. Similarly, equal emphasis was paid on building a healthy private sector where SMEs and startups get the perfect chance to grow organically and reach new highs.

The session kicked off with the participants discussing Tamkeen’s strategy over the next three years (2018 – 2020) and how it plans on coordinating with other government agencies to meet its long and short-term objectives.

“Tamkeen’s Strategy 2018-2020 lays great emphasis on the sustainable development goals of the private sector, which requires continuous research and studies into areas of improvement, to introduce new solutions and programs that amplify the support extended to enterprises as well as individuals. He also referred to the launch of Tamkeen’s Cloud Computing Scheme that aims to support the provision of Amazon Web Services (AWS) new business solutions for the enterprises’ IT operations,” His Excellency said during the discussion.

The event also included a Q&A session along with special provisions for the attendees to meet and network with one another.