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Press Release.

Leading Bahraini online marketplace,, hosted a virtual meeting to get together with a number of their partners and business owners on Tuesday 27th of October 2020, where they addressed their upcoming Black Friday campaign, the ongoing effects COVID-19 had on businesses this year, the migration towards a digital future, Amazon entering the local market and their plans to expand and further their reach across the regional market in the GCC.

One of the main highlights of the meeting was the emphasis placed on the importance of having an ecosystem that hosts a diverse range of vendors and business owners who are given a platform to extend their operations, with Homiez showcasing the massive success of Bahrain’s First Digital Expo for shopping, which has been hosted and operated by the platform, and highlighted the greatest achievements as well, additionally, the Chief Digital Officer of Homiez also announced the launching of the largest digital event in Bahrain this year – Black Friday –, which guarantees the best offering from over 100 shops across the kingdom.

When it comes to addressing the direction of the local and international market, the meeting’s members having a community of local vendors and shops on a single platform in Bahrain, made by locals for all the residents in the Kingdom, is one of the platform’s core strengths, simultaneously, Homiez also addressed the arrival of Amazon into the region has become a detrimental factor when it comes to the success of businesses, as well as this entrant will become the biggest upcoming threat for local shops and vendors.

Adding to the ongoing conversation regarding the challenges presented by COVID-19, and contemplating over the successful experience with the local platform centered around vendor visibility, was Ali Hujairi, the Marketing Manager of Bin Hindi Informatics, who highlighted the process of shipping at Homiez as being one of the main driving factors behind the success of the local brand.

Seconding Bin Hindi’s experience, was Hussain Al Haddad, the founder of local perfumery Atayeb Al Oud as well as Impression Stamps, both currently on the Bahraini platform, who praised Homiez and referenced his employees’ struggles to keep up with the number of orders they receive over the platform and credits the marketing strategies deployed by Homiez for such a successful experience with the digital platform.

When it comes to their upcoming campaign plans, Homiez promises a barrage of mega offers like no other that are set to meet the demands of their base of customers for their Black Friday campaign which will run from the eve of Black Friday on the 26th of November until the 28th of November 2020.