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Saudi technology company Homoola announced Tuesday the launch of its flagship load-matching service aimed at trucking and shipping firms.

Homoola promises that the new service will go a long way to enhance the efficiency of road freight by pairing up trucking companies with the right shippers. The company also claims that the new load-matching technology is optimized to alleviate the pain points experienced by both carriers and shippers. It does so by allowing shippers unrestricted access to capacity at times of high-demand, which, in turn, enables them to boost the efficiency of their shipments at other times.

Meanwhile, this technology also ensures that carriers do not have to drive empty miles or idly wait for a cargo. Describing the new service as a big leap forward for the company, co-founder and CEO Ziyad Al Homaid, said: “Homoola’s goal is to build a platform matching multiple carriers and drivers, based on cost, quality of service and terms of payment.”

Homoola launched its services in Saudi Arabia earlier this year in January. The company provides a platform to trucking companies — irrespective of their fleet size — access to a comparatively much larger pool of customers. Additionally, there are also provisions in the platform for carriers to enhance the efficiency of their fleet.

“The surge of transactions delivered to customers over the past few months reflects the market’s demand for Homoola. Our customers are telling us that they like the real-time and accurate updates on pricing, and also the ability to track their goods at all times,” Homoola co-founder and COO, Asim Al Rajhi, added.