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Press Release.

Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, is set to launch its first series of initiatives designed to support both promising and high growth businesses led by local entrepreneurs through the provision of programmes, events, and initiatives within three key areas of knowledge building, equity investment, and opportunity facilitation.  

The company has developed strategic initiatives that facilitate the launch, growth, and expansion of businesses across sectors to further fuel the number of entrepreneurial success stories. Hope envisions the success of Bahraini led businesses to contribute towards a culture of entrepreneurship on a national level and a wide-spread entrepreneurial mindset among the youth.  

Fajer Saleh Al Pachachi, General Manager of Hope Ventures asserted, “The nation-wide access to investment opportunities and knowledge will establish equal opportunity for all highly motivated and ambitious Bahrainis to venture into entrepreneurship.  We want to ensure that all Bahrainis are able to explore their business concepts and for all promising ideas to be tested in the market.”  

She added, “We will be deploying our first equity investments in 2021 in promising Bahraini-led business ventures. The company will focus on sector agnostic opportunities in early and growth stages, and will also explore co-investment along-side the private sector in investment opportunities aligned with our mission and objectives. We want to support and empower founders so they can fulfil their potential and turn their vision into reality. The entire leadership of Hope has a collective innovative vision, and together, we will guide and support aspiring youth to success in the Kingdom and regionally.” 

Ahead of its programmes launch in September 2021, Hope Ventures is calling out to the local community to share their business opportunities and ideas, whether in a conceptual or matured stage, by sending an email to More information will be available on its social media channels (@hopefundbh) and website