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Last week, University of Bahrain held a lecture under the name of “the role of Economic Development Board in attracting investments”, where EDB’s Media and Communication Director Isa Jafar Mubarak highlighted on the Kingdom’s upcoming investment opportunities and the main reasons why investing is Bahrain is beneficial to foreign companies.

Isa Jafar stated that due to Bahrain’s strategic location, it has always been an attractive destination for international investments. As the Kingdom also offers a suitable environment for the investors’ families. It is important to note that Bahrain has been ranked as the top destination for expatriates according to a study by InterNations.

In addition to that, he further explained how foreign investors could benefit from Bahrain, where the cost of investment here is lower than its neighboring countries. He also focused on the EDB’s policies in attracting investment, where there is no taxation imposed, and how it attracts foreign investors, especially since taxes in some countries could go up to 40%.

Lastly, Isa Jafar highlighted on the skilled workforce who are qualified university graduates, and attracting investments leads to providing work opportunities for graduates and reduces unemployability, pointing out that 85% of the unemployed are trained and qualified.