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Press Release.

HP Spring Studios, the first MENA-focused fintech venture studio, has joined forces with Bahrain Fintech Bay, the Bahraini fintech hub, in an alliance to empower fintech startups and cultivate a thriving ecosystem. Together, they aim to establish Bahrain as the definitive fintech hub and gateway to the region, with a shared mission to nurture innovation, support startups, and drive fintech growth.

As part of the partnership, HP Spring Studios will leverage its expertise and resources to provide vital support to startups, including guidance in product and service development, mentorship, and connections to potential investors. Additionally, Spring Studios will work closely with Bahrain Fintech Bay to identify new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

“We are committed to empowering fintech startups, driving innovation, and creating an ecosystem that attracts top talent and investment,” announced Zainab Khamis, Head of HP Spring Studios Bahrain. “Through this partnership, we aspire to solidify Bahrain’s position as the leading fintech destination in the region.”

Suzy Alzeera, COO of Bahrain Fintech Bay, commended the alliance, stating, “The comprehensive approach to supporting startups and fostering collaboration with financial institutions holds the promise of unprecedented fintech advancements, paving the way for a flourishing fintech ecosystem in Bahrain and beyond.”