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Policy leaders and expert professionals from the HR and IT sectors in Saudi Arabia convened for the inaugural HR Tech Saudi Summit, which was arranged by Dubai based QnA International.

The Summit addressed the impact of technology on HR and how it changes the nature of work in all institutions. In addition to that, it was led by numerous discussions, insightful exchanges, and post-summit workplace conversations.

The Summit was one of its kind as it is the only initiative in Saudi that brings together HR and IT professionals from unique business landscapes into a singular platform to discuss the newest trends and ideas that are focused on HR Technology.

It also addressed a number of topics including ‘The role of HR technology in the organization’s digital transformation’, ‘AI and cognitive vs hiring top expensive consultants’, ‘Building the organization of the future’, ‘Reinventing HR’ and many more topics.

The Summit also had some of the most influential speakers which included Chief Executive of Middle East at Northrop Grumman Corporation H.E. Walid AbuKhaled, Chairman of Sustainable Development Council Bassam Al-Bokhari, amongst many other notable names who shared their expertise during the panel discussions.

QnA International Director Sidh N.C explained, “The Summit looked at the current changes business entities, and government institutions are facing especially as part of Saudi’s Vision 2030. Thus it is important to discuss the various HR Technologies that could be instrumental in the success of the organizations and implementation of the government policy”.