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Chinese technology giant Huawei, for the first time in the company’s history, has rolled out its flagship “Huawei Developer Day” workshop outside its home turf. The company’s preferred location for this milestone event: the Middle East and North Africa. The opening session of the Huawei Developer Day series was held on Nov 8 in Dubai, and it attracted more than 100 independent developers and startups from across the region.

With support from the Huawei Developer Alliance, the workshops aim to provide passionate and deserving developers with in-depth insights and training to dive into the Huawei App Gallery and Huawei Themes. To accomplish that objective, Huawei trainers rely on a wide range of interactive presentations and competitions.

The ultimate objective of the workshop series is to help developers come up with intelligent solutions that could potentially revolutionize, or at the least, vastly improve the user-experience offered by Huawei smartphones.

Commenting on Huawei Developer Day’s inauguration in the region, Justin Chen, Managing Director of Huawei MENA Consumer Cloud Service Dept, said: “We continue to deliver breakthrough technologies and achieve new industry standards by focusing on product innovation and exceeding customer expectations. Through the introduction of ‘HUAWEI Developer Day’ in MENA, we aim to establish a strong local mobile developer community to enhance our production capabilities and cement our position as a global iconic tech brand within the MENA region’s mobile and technology ecosystem.”

Huawei’s decision to roll out the workshops in MENA was partly motivated by the fact that the Huawei App Gallery happens to have a formidable user-base in the region. The company is now looking forward to tapping in on MENA’s massive pool of skilled developers to further expand its ecosystem in the area.