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Press Release.

HyperPay, one of the leading payment gateway providers in the region, discussed the future of technology and fintech in the MENA region, and showcased its range of innovative solutions at the World Fintech Summit 2023. The event brought together 300+ professionals and speakers from across the fintech, banking, payments, and regulatory ecosystems to discuss and shape the future of financial products and services. The event was held recently in Amman, Jordan.

The gathering of fintech experts and leaders provided HyperPay with an exceptional opportunity to showcase its suite of solutions and lead the transformation of the payment landscape. During its participation, HyperPay unveiled its latest payment technologies, which are revolutionising how consumers and businesses conduct business. Additionally, the company was recognised with the ‘Best Payment Gateway for Enterprise’ award at the summit, which underscored its commitment to providing seamless payment experiences for businesses through innovative solutions like secure online payment gateways, mobile payment integration, and advanced fraud prevention measures.

The participation also enabled HyperPay to establish strategic alliances and strengthen its existing network within the technology and innovation ecosystem. The summit provided numerous opportunities for knowledge exchange through insightful panels, keynote addresses, and interactive sessions. HyperPay reaffirmed its commitment to providing cutting-edge fintech services and solidifying its position as a reliable payment partner across the MENA region and beyond, in keeping with its mission to propel the fintech industry into a new era of seamless, secure, and innovative payment experiences.