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Press Release.

HyperPay, the leading payment gateway provider in the MENA region, showcased its cutting-edge payment solutions and services that are reshaping the fintech landscape and elevating customer experiences at the Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023.

The event, which was held at Riyadh Front Exhibition Centre between September 4 and 5, 2023, provided a platform for HyperPay to share its extensive expertise and knowledge in the rapidly expanding fintech sector. The company has established itself as a frontrunner in the fintech industry by redefining payment processes and elevating customer interactions. HyperPay’s participation at the event reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to driving innovation and revolutionising the world of finance through its array of innovative payment solutions. During its participation, the company interacted with the attendees and informed them about the latest trends that are disrupting the industry, as well as various new challenges and opportunities within the evolving fintech landscape.

Furthermore, HyperPay entered into strategic partnerships with three prominent organizations, including Bank Al Jazera (BAJ), Azm, and Paymentology, marking significant milestones in its journey. The company inked an agreement with Bank Al Jazera during a ceremony held at the event, which strongly reflects HyperPay’s dedication to redefining financial services. Under this partnership, HyperPay will employ a variety of cutting-edge fintech solutions to provide innovative payment channels that will lay the groundwork for transforming the financial services ecosystem in the KSA.

The second crucial agreement signed with Azm highlights their shared goal of advancing business-to-business fintech solutions, providing recurrent payment services for corporates, and increasing multiple payment efficiency. The partnership seeks to help businesses in improving customer experiences by making payment processes easier and reliable. This collaboration is poised to shape a more streamlined and secure financial industry by ushering into an era of cutting-edge B2B fintech products. Additionally, HyperPay solidified its partnership with Paymentology, a leader in payment solutions, to further enhance the innovative capabilities of its services. This collaboration is expected to bring about novel payment solutions that elevate customer experiences and set new industry standards.

Muhannad Ebwini, Founder and CEO of HyperPay stated: “We are delighted to attend the Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023, one of the biggest events highlighting recent innovations across various sectors. At HyperPay, we are committed to excellence, quality, and innovation. We are committed to providing the best payment solutions in the fintech sector that streamline processes for our clients, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and experience.”

He added: “At the event, we showcased our range of innovative and secure financial services through which we aim to redefine payment processes. We further seek to address various challenges in the industry and offer insightful information on current digital payment technologies. Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 served as the perfect venue to showcase our leading expertise in the fintech domain and network with various key players and potential partners in the industry. As the payment industry evolves, we realise that collaboration is essential to maximising the full potential of Fintech.”

Being a pioneer in the fintech sector, HyperPay offers cutting-edge payment solutions to customers and businesses throughout the Middle East and North Africa. HyperPay helps companies to accept payments from customers rapidly, securely, and seamlessly, with a major emphasis on technology and excellent customer service. Online payments, mobile payments, point-of-sale solutions, as well as value-added services, including fraud protection, chargeback management, and data analytics, are all part of the company’s diverse offerings. The company’s participation in Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023 is consistent with its mission to revolutionize the payment landscape and provide unmatched value to customers.