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Press Release.

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: In response to public suggestions, theInformation & eGovernment Authority (iGA) signed a partnership agreement with CrediMax to launch the eGovernment Mobile application which will include a range of selected government electronic services with advanced features.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Information & eGovernment Authority Chief Executive, Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed, CrediMax Chief Executive, Mr. Ahmed A. Seyadi, iGA Deputy CE, Electronic Transformation Dr. Zakareya Ahmed AlKhajah, Mr. Ali Al Mishaal, Head of Digital Business and Innovation at CrediMax in addition to other iGA officials.

The development of this new mobile application comes within the framework of iGA’s keenness to meet the request of citizens and residents to provide a unified application that includes a range of government electronic payment services, especially primary services that are used frequently. The application is expected to have the highest standards of safety measures in place to protect the personal data of users.

The Authority indicated that the expected eGovernment mobile application will include a set of innovative features, such as personalization of services to make government interaction more personal and customized. Furthermore, the app will provide users with an enhanced overall experience that is tailored to enable   them to store and use their personal information and documentation and create a list of their favorite services. It will also offer a speedy and unified payment service for government transactions along with providing the feature of displaying the history of payments done across all eGovernment channels.

The application will include the ability to send government notifications to users about their various transactions, provide an official digital document portfolio, and appointment booking services. Users can access the application and benefit from its various electronic services   by logging in using their eKey credentials.

Mr. Mohammed Ali AlQaed, CEof the Information & eGovernment Authority, confirmed this partnership  agreement with CrediMax comes within the framework of iGA’s efforts to adapt various innovative modern technologies to serve all citizens and residents and to contribute to achieving the Kingdoms vision to ensure the continuous access to various  government services securely. 

AlQaed concluded in his statement that this mobile application is expected to be developed and ready for users approximately within the first quarter (Q1) of next year, expressing his appreciation to CrediMaxfor its cooperation. 

Mr. Ahmed A. Seyadi, CrediMax Chief Executive commented: “Actively contributing towards achieving Bahrain digital transformation vision is a duty and part of CrediMax strategic goals. CrediMax values the involvement of the private sector and is proud of its partnership with the Information &eGovernment Authority. The initiative to provide an eGovernment Mobile App that includes government digital services is clear evidence of the Authority’s efforts to continue development to maintain the Kingdom’s position and the level of government services. We are proud to be part of the journey of digital transformation undertaken by the Authority to provide innovative solutions that would improve the experience for users.”