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As you know, the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Bahrain continues in full steam! The Labor Fund Tamkeen, the leading organizer of the GEW, prepared a fascinating program for tomorrow as well.

Get ready, the day starts early, at 9 am at the Riffa Golf Club. Although that is the place where you typically meet your business partner to play golf after a busy day at the office, tomorrow it would be different. The venue will host the Take the Innovation Leap seminar. One of the biggest names in the startup world, the innovation architect, entrepreneur, designer and creative director with more than 25 years experience, Fa’eq Al Alaiwat will take the lead to help you unlock your full innovation potential.

If you think you know everything about innovation, we have another useful program for you. The Westin Hotel hosts the ”Analyzing Your Audience’‘ workshop to convince you how important it is to hire a marketing and business coach. Using the latest trends and techniques, this course will show you how to identify your brand values and how to understand your audience. Furthermore, it will also help you design customized communication messages to reach your target group of clients. Make sure not to miss it.

We are not done yet! Supreme Council for Women & Bahrain Development Bank invite you in the Riyadaat Mall to celebrate female entrepreneurship, and to help you unleash your potential. Some well-established female entrepreneurs will share their secrets for success to inspire the rest. The event will also outline the measures the government is taking to empower women to take initiative and establish own business.