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INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company that provides products and services to several clients across the globe has just announced an exciting collaboration with The Stories Studios in their game “Musa-a brother’s story.”

The collaboration involves the development of a custom real-time sentiment AI system called: the “Subconscious Sentiment AI” or SSAI for short.

The system subconsciously tracks players’ behaviors, mood, feelings, and attitude during the game; this allows the game to accommodate and change the gaming experience to suit the psyche of the player in real-time. The gameplay beauty of this software is that it delivers a very distinct and unique experience for each player.

Ameen Al-Tajer, the Managing Director of INFINITEWARE told us, “I’m pleased about how our AI work has been very beneficial to the mission of The Stories Studio, AI is a such a powerful tool, and I can confidently say that in this age of data, it could either make or break your business.”

If you didn’t know, Ameen has been in the software business for more than 15 years! He previously worked in R&D in both Saudi Aramco and Oblong Industries (US), his experience spans multiple technical disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), security and penetration testing, 3D programming and simulation, hardware design and programming.

“SSAI allows game developers to intelligently introduce very personal experiences by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in real-time, really impressive work if you ask me!”, he exclaimed.

Saba Saleem, Co-Founder of The Stories Studios shared her thoughts, “I’ve known Ameen since I got into game development. In fact, he has played a huge part in my game development journey because of the game developers community that he has. So it’s such an honor to come back full circle and work alongside him in creating something beautiful that will not only greatly enhance our game, but is also an incredible innovation that could be used for future game developers, worldwide!” she added.

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