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Bahrainis can now get in touch with government officials following the launch of the new Government Directory mobile app by the Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA).

The app, available on the eGovernment App Store, enlists contact details of key government officials, along with social media accounts and physical addresses of different government entities.

Mr. Mohammed Abdulaziz, Acting Director of eServices & Channel Enhancement at iGA, said that the new app is an important part of the direct government communication series with citizens and residents. In addition to providing contact details of senior public officials, it also allows people a direct access to ministers, deputy ministers, chief executive officers, undersecretaries, directors, and advisors. Overall, contact details of 700 employees from 55 entities are included in the app.

Using the app is easy, as it allows users to search for specific government entities and/or officials. Once the contact details are displayed, the user may choose to call, email or write to the department. Additionally, they may also add a contact to the directory or mark an existing contact as “favorite”.

The government has also issued an advisory, suggesting that all government entities should remain in touch with the iGA to regularly update the contact details of their employees.