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Injaz Bahrain, in collaboration with Google Arabia, has delivered the ambitious Maharat Min Google program to 581 university and secondary school students during the first semester of the academic year 2018-19.

The day-long workshop aims to equip participating students with the essential know-how of digital marketing through customized training courses.

The Maharat Min Google program zooms in on the significance of having a strong online presence in today’s fast-changing business environment. It underlines how to build a practical and impactful online strategy while simultaneously helping the participants to enhance their technical skills and get familiar with various tools that come handy for expanding a business online.

INJAZ’s efforts are backed by Bahrain’s Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Council. Additionally, a number of eminent corporate personalities including Talal Al Sardeeh, Loai Khamis, and Fatima Al Akram are volunteering to make Maharat Min Google a smashing hit.

“INJAZ Bahrain is proud to partner with Google Arabia to deliver a unique and innovative program such as Maharat Min Google to our students as part of our commitment to deliver essential skills in work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to them,” said Ms. Hana Sarwani, INJAZ Bahrain’s Executive Director.

Speaking on the partnership with Google, Sarwani added: “This collaboration with Google Arabia represents a shared vision in fostering innovation in today’s youth to better their futures. Maharat Min Google aligns with our own programs and offers our students the opportunity to embrace their inner entrepreneur.”

INJAZ Bahrain has been one of the most active nonprofits focused on inspiring and preparing young students to succeed in a global economy. More than 130,000 students from across the Kingdom have benefitted from INJAZ flagship programs over the past 12 years.