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Over 200 students from across Bahrain gathered around at Brinc Batelco last week to participate in a three-day workshop aimed at aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. It was an initiative by INJAZ Bahrain to provide participants with insights into changing market demands in today’s increasingly tech-centric and innovation-driven world. Dubbed the Innovation Camp, the workshop kicked off on Oct 16 and continued through Oct 18.

The workshop started with an introduction to Batelco and Brinc Batelco, which was followed by a host of activities designed to encourage puzzles and mystery solving using logic and critical thinking. Students were asked to come up with innovative business ideas using their creative minds and focus on how to address real-life problems. The organizers even arranged several workout stations throughout the facility to energize students.

“INJAZ Bahrain is proud to partner with Brinc Batelco to bring the country’s future entrepreneurs an immersive learning experience to grow their skills. The workshop primarily aimed to teach, lead and inspire Bahraini youth towards building a good understanding of self-employment, with a first-hand experience of the spirit of entrepreneurship, and using critical and creative thinking for generating innovative product ideas,” said Hana Sarwani, INJAZ Bahrain’s Executive Director, while elaborating the vision behind the workshop.

The participants also attended mentoring sessions headed by two INJAZ alumni, both winners of the prestigious INJAZ Young Arab Entrepreneurs Competition 2015. The workshop also saw trainers helping students to learn from real-world examples of how CEOs of big enterprises use their expertise to navigate complicated business issues.