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Daleel, the leading financial marketplace in the MENA region, is set to revolutionize the financial sector with the launch of Daleel 2.0. The groundbreaking platform introduces a revamped app experience that reimagines the way we access and manage financial services, all while staying true to Daleel’s commitment to simplifying finance and making it accessible to all.

Daleel, established in 2022 by three passionate tech enthusiasts, has emerged as a trailblazer in the MENA region’s financial landscape. In this short time span, it has garnered strategic investments from prominent entities like Flat6 and Hambro Perks Spring Studios. Moreover, Daleel is trusted by leading partners such as NBB, BFC Pay and Rain, and boasts a thriving community of over 14,000 members.

The company’s latest innovation, Daleel 2.0, heralds a new era of financial services, transforming how banks and financial institutions connect with their customers. While the enhanced app enables users to effortlessly search, compare and discover their ideal financial solutions—whether it’s finding the perfect credit card, securing a car loan or exploring cryptocurrency—Daleel’s true breakthrough lies in its ‘Daleel Dashboard’.

The Daleel dashboard streamlines the process of rolling out products and offers, significantly enhancing the capabilities of banks and financial institutions. It provides deeper insights and analytics, empowering these institutions to stay ahead amid rapidly changing consumer behaviors and needs. By leveraging these insights, banks can personalize their products and services to better meet customer demands, ultimately leading to a more dynamic and responsive financial sector.

“With the launch of Daleel 2.0, we’re not just enhancing the user experience for individuals but also revolutionizing the way banks and financial institutions operate,” said Prashant Shrivastava (PK), Co-founder & CEO of Daleel. “Our new platform provides unparalleled insights and analytics, enabling financial institutions to significantly reduce the customer acquisition cost and tailor their offerings to stay ahead of the curve. By bridging the gap between consumer needs and financial services, Daleel 2.0 is setting a new standard for a more agile financial ecosystem.”

Daleel has also received support from well-respected advisors like Fahad Yateem, a seasoned banker with over fifteen years of experience in banking and banking regulations, and Sh. Rania Al Khalifa, a distinguished banker and investor with extensive experience in prominent institutions like Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Sofaer Capital.

Commenting on Daleel’s mission, Sh. Rania Al Khalifa stated, “As an investor in Daleel, I am impressed by their innovative approach that is transforming how banks and financial institutions operate. Daleel provides critical insights and advanced tools, enabling these institutions to better understand and respond to changing consumer needs. This drives a more progressive financial sector, empowering both banks and consumers.”

The launch of Daleel 2.0 is a milestone that brings the company closer to fulfilling their vision of bringing inclusivity and awareness to the financial world. The Daleel team is dedicated to continuously improving the platform and looks forward to new opportunities to elevate the experience for individuals and businesses alike.