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Press Release.

As part of its commitment towards supporting local initiatives, Jahez International has signed a cooperation agreement with Hope Talents, the talent management arm of Hope Fund, with the aim of advancing the careers of young nationals, recruiting them, and developing their skills.

On the occasion, General Manager of Jahez International, Mr. Jawad Mahmood Jawad, said: “At Jahez, we are happy and privileged to sign this agreement, as we hope it would help in supporting Hope Talents. This stems from our belief in Bahraini youth, and their competence and potential in the labour market amid constant developments and changes.”

He added: “We stress our continuous commitment towards supporting the Bahraini society at all levels and in all areas. We value the partnership with Hope Talents, as it would enable us to support the Bahraini youth by further enabling them to develop their talents professionally. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to the founders of such initiatives, wishing them success in their endeavours.”

Meanwhile, General Manager of Hope Talents, Ms. Latifa Mohamed, highlighted the importance of companies joining national initiatives to support and progress local talents. She said: “The agreement with Jahez seeks to promote national competencies to meet the requirements and needs of the local market for both individuals and corporations. This strategic partnership will enable Hope Talents to support the youth sector and offer the best job opportunities to enhance their skills to cope with the changes of the labour market.”