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JLanka, a Sri Lanka-based solar & renewable energy technology company, has embarked on a new mission to revolutionize Bahrain’s renewable energy sector.

The project, which is an initiative by the Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) under the supervision of the Ministry of Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), will see JLanka helping Bahrain strengthening its renewable energy sector. The premier solar energy company has already announced an investment of up to $10 million to expedite the Kingdom’s next step towards solar conversion.

Under the new initiative, JLanka will conduct a series of training programs to educate and certify solar PV contractors and consultants in addition to helping EWA staffs to get familiar with grid connection standards.

Besides, JLanka has also been commissioned to install solar PV systems on more than 500 government buildings across the Kingdom, including public institutions such as schools and healthcare facilities.

“We are delighted we are expanding our operations internationally and Bahrain was an ideal choice for our first overseas investment. Bahrain’s Government has a clear commitment to renewable energy enablement and is, therefore, the perfect location to launch and expand a technology-driven company,” said Magdy Elnemr, Chief Business Development Officer of JLanka International.”

It’s worth mentioning here that Bahrain is the first stop in JLanka’s international expansion.

“Bahrain provides companies with the unique opportunity to expand directly across the GCC, making it an important gateway for any company looking to access the rest of the GCC,” Elnemr added.