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Businesses operating from the “Grow Startups” building at Amman’s King Hussein Business Park got a pleasant surprise on Tuesday as Her Majesty Queen Rania arrived unannounced to take stock of the local startup scene.

For the uninitiated, Grow Startups hosts some of the most promising startups in Jordan and is deemed one of the premium destinations in the country to settle in as an emerging business.

The Queen began the surprise visit by dropping in at Parachute16, a consultation and edutainment firm that aims to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Jordan and beyond. Besides having a strong presence on its home turf, Parachute16 also has a commanding presence in the rest of the Arab world. The company is known for its unique ability to facilitate suitable environments for emerging entrepreneurs to develop and nurture their creativity.

Additionally, the company also develops incubator programs and workshops where regional and international companies are provided with mentorship, networking, and investment opportunities.

Among other things, the Parachute16 team also discussed its future plans with Her Majesty and briefed her on some of the projects the company currently backs. They particularly focused on “Mesh Mostaheel”, a first-of-its-kind program that provides a platform for any willing Jordanian to come forth and demonstrate innovative solutions to the challenges facing the country.

Apart from that, the company also introduced Her Majesty to the “TomohiLive”, a unique weekly program that helps entrepreneurs and innovators to get in touch with supporting individuals and organizations. The program is broadcasted live on Facebook every Wednesday. Its interactive mode allows viewers to send their comments and feedback, while simultaneously giving successful entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their insights and expertise with rest of the community.

The Queen concluded her surprise visit after a brief interaction with the staff of Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) where she was briefed on the startup support programs the company has been undertaking.