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Since its foundation in 2019, Oasis500 has relentlessly served the Jordanian startup ecosystem as a go-to destination for emerging businesses on the lookout for financial backing and mentorship. Over the years, it has funded and assisted more than 150 startups across the country, which cumulatively led to the creation of around 680 direct and 4,500 indirect jobs countrywide.

As an investment company with a keen eye on new business ideas in real projects, Oasis500 is always looking for talented entrepreneurs with a vision and viable business models. Startups selected by the company are sent to Oasis500 facilities for 100 days, during which they are provided with all necessary assistance for the creation of an impeccable business plan.

“Any startup, whether already established or not, needs fundraising in order to reach its business objectives, so fundraising [and] funding procedures are quite important for startups. Investment companies usually seek to invest in sustainability,” Oasis 500 Assistant Marketing Manager Fahed Qteisha said in a conversation with the media, adding that with the coming together of the key components, “true potential is created to ensure the growth of the startup, especially in terms of scaling and expansion”.

Since 2010, Oasis500 has invested in 123 technology startups and 17 creative startups, each receiving somewhere between $50,000 to $100,000 in addition to guidance and other assistance.

“The startup scene in Jordan is definitely booming. We are witnessing a lot of key players in action including investors, accelerators, incubators, mentors, entrepreneurship trainers and even the educational system, which is coming up to speed in supporting the sector’s needs,” Qteisha stretched.