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Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Bahrain, has announced it is integrating Bahraini startup Skiplino. For those of you unfamiliar with Skiplino, the startup is a smart queueing system that lets you book your spot in advance to avoid time wasted standing in lines. The app lets banks and financial services providers enable customers to remotely make appointments using their smartphones.

This is a milestone reform so far as customers are concerned as it gets them rid of the pesky tasks of having to wait in long queues in their local bank branches. 

The move comes as a part of the KFH’s ongoing efforts to go digital with the use of sophisticated modern technologies. 

Following the announcement of the decision to join Skiplino, KFH-Bahrain Director &CEO, Abdulhakeem Al Khayyat, said: “Launching this service is a part of the Bank’s strategy to utilize the latest FinTech technologies, promote digital services, and modernize technological tools including artificial intelligence to develop banking services, meet aspirations of customers, and maintain our pioneering role in all fields.”

Meanwhile, Zaman Abdul Hameed, Co-Founder, and CEO of Skiplino reacted to the new development by saying that the new partnership between the two companies will be mutually beneficial for both ecosystems to grow. 

“KFH is regarded as a pioneering institution in the field of digital transformation; hence its cooperation with ‘Skiplino’ falls within the context of continual endeavors to improve its services,” he added.