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Press Release.

Knack, an HR-tech startup, has secured an undisclosed Seed investment from Flat6labs in Bahrain after the successful launch of its pilots with key organizations in the UAE and Oman.

The B2B startup aims to build a happier, more engaged and productive workforce by enabling HR professionals to easily create, manage and run scalable employee training & coaching programs.

Featuring a web and mobile app, Knack facilitates coach-employee matchups, event management, survey tools and data-rich dashboards for HR leaders to measure engagement, satisfaction, and impact of training & coaching on employees.

“The Corporate Training industry in the region is, unfortunately, still undisrupted by technology and analytics, especially when it comes to coaching & live-training programs; we’re coming in to automate these dreadful processes and quantify the impact of developing employees through meaningful analytics,” said Amna Aljarwan, Co-Founder & CEO at Knack.

Knack Analytics shows that our pilot partners have experienced a 15% improvement in Mindfulness, Resilience, and Work-life balance while achieving an 11% improvement in Uncertainty Tolerance and Mental Agility.

“The pre & post-coaching surveys used are very practical and relevant. The dynamic approach, personalized coaching with the best in the market, tremendous resources, and learning on-the-go made everything so easy and humane. This state-of-the-art platform is in true sense ‘a human experience, powered by technology’” said Shubha Yadav, Training & Development Manager at Thumbay Group.

Knack will use its newly received investment to further develop its technology and expand its reach to the GCC with the aim to become the ultimate training & development platform for HR professionals in the region.