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KPMG Bahrain has launched a mobile app called ‘KPMG VAT Toolkit,’ dedicated to helping entrepreneurs understand VAT and how it will impact businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This ‘VAT Toolkit’ consists of the latest information and insights about VAT from KPMG along with some practical advice and global information to help businesses understand the new taxation system better. The app is intuitive and easy to navigate and is available for both iOS and Android. contains a VAT Compliance Tool in its interface that helps businesses get a better idea of the future VAT system.

The Partner and Head of Tax in KPMG, Philippe Norre commented on the launch and explained how KPMG’s VAT Toolkit would offer a plethora of knowledge and insights in a practical and useful manner that will be readily available. He also discussed how this app would help businesses update their VAT position once they are on board with it.

The app further contains information regarding indirect taxes and various other insights on tax-related topics including publications and infographics. Further, it also consists of the latest news in Bahrain, events and training courses that are available, making this app a VAT knowledge powerhouse. Easy to navigate and use, this app is aimed at providing in-depth insights and knowledge about VAT and to help businesses understand the subject better before its launch.

The new VAT taxation system is expected to be introduced in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the second half of 2018.