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KPMG, a leading professional services firm in Bahrain, is hosting a virtual Tax Summit starting today. The three-day summit, dubbed “Reimagining Tax in the Kingdom of Bahrain”, is the first of its kind event in the country dedicated to taxation. 

The summit will cover a wide range of tax-related concepts, ideas, and updates including practical business-relevant industry updates through sector break-out sessions, and best practices for efficient tax management, among other topics. 

It will also underline the important aspects surrounding what to expect from Bahrain’s tax policies in the coming months.

Additionally, the summit will also include valuable input from the Bahrain National Bureau of Revenue (NBR) on various common queries coming from the average taxpayer. 

All in all, the summit is expected to play the role of an ideal platform for tax and finance professionals from all across the Kingdom when it comes to leveraging technology to efficiently use Value-added Tax (VA) reporting.  

“As businesses look towards considering automation of the VAT processes to help navigate through the complexities throughout their entire supply chain, they will need to consider issues pertaining to accuracy, compliance, resource optimization and how the overall technological intervention can contribute towards their operational excellence,” said Philippe Norré, Partner and Head of Tax and Corporate Services at KPMG in Bahrain.

The event will also include key knowledge sessions to be led by the KPMG leadership team.

Mubeen Khadir, Tax and Corporate Services Partner at KPMG in Bahrain, noted: “Data management and Tax accounting require an inevitable switch to tech-based solutions, more than ever before. Our team has coupled practical working knowledge and subject matter expertise to develop a market-leading tech-based compliance and reporting solution – ‘KPMG Enara’.”

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