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Kuwait insurance customers can now seamlessly compare different schemes and products to pick the ones most suited to their cause. Thanks to UAE-based startup Yallacompare, the country now has its first-ever insurance comparison website.

Despite being a relatively new platform, Yallacompare already controls more than 75% of all online insurance sales across the GCC nations. The company’s Kuwait unit offers the same platform that made it so famous in its home turf.

Yallacompare was designed and developed 100% natively by the company. The platform is fine-tuned to assimilate pricing logic and algorithm from all insurers in the market and generate easy-to-understand, purchasable quotes that users can view and buy with just a few clicks.

“As we’ve seen from the tremendous success that we’ve had with online insurance comparison in the UAE, Middle Eastern consumers are extremely hungry for a better insurance experience. Online policy comparison is the norm in most major markets around the world, so we’re working diligently to make that the case in the Middle East,” says Samer Chehab, COO of Yallacompare.

As for the decision to give preference to Kuwait over other GCC countries, Samer Chehab said that the expansion was motivated by obvious “hunger” among insurers, regulators, and consumers for a quality and reliable insurance comparison platform.

Shortly after the Kuwait expansion, the company joined forces with three insurers including Arab Islamic Takaful Insurance Company, t’azur Takaful Insurance Company, and Gulf Takaful Insurance Company, with the promise to add more insurers on its panel in the foreseeable future.