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COFE App, the first-of-its-kind coffee-centric online marketplace in the Middle East, has added yet another impressive feat to its brand name. The startup announced Tuesday that it has been named one of the top-5 companies in the Tech Innovation Award Category at the London Coffee Shop Innovation Expo

This means COFE App will be one of the centers of attraction at the famed coffee expo when the event goes live on Nov 19 and 20 in London. An estimated 250 coffee industry giants and innovators from across the world are expected to attend the event.

The Tech Innovation Award is aimed at encouraging the innovation and adoption of disruptive technologies that can potentially revolutionize the foot and tech sectors. The award is reserved for companies and innovators that offer solutions for streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and optimizing profitability. 

COFE App will be competing with Viva Wallet, a Europe-based FinTech platform; Coffunity, a platform that lets users rate and review coffee products; iFinca, a blockchain platform, and The Dining Hub, a next-gen wireless digital marketing enabler.

Noting that technology is at the heart of COFE App’s innovative solutions, the company’s founder and CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim, said. “We have always tried to offer innovative solutions to our customers’ daily coffee needs while providing our vendors with a state-of-the-art online storefront and highly-customizable rewards program.” 

Worth noting here is that the Kuwait-based startup also made its way up to the Top 50 Tech Companies in Asia earlier this October.