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Remember “The Lean Startup,” the 2011 bestseller by Eric Ries? Ever since it first came out, the book has inspired and helped numerous entrepreneurs from virtually every corner of the world to realize their full potential.

For those of you who don’t know it yet, in 2015, Eric Ries took his mission to help out budding entrepreneurs up a notch by co-founding the Lean Startup Company along with Melissa Moore and Heather McGough. The company’s primary objective is to produce quality content and organize different types of events to help out those looking to excel in the lean startup methodology.

And now, after a prolonged wait, Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Company is bringing one of its most popular events, the Lean Startup Night, to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). To be held in Cairo, Egypt, this is the first-ever time the widely-celebrated event is taking place in the region.

The Lean Startup Night is a meetup series that sets the platform for the entrepreneur community to connect and share ideas with one another. And of course, at the same time, experts from the Lean Startup Company do their bit to educate the participants about every intrinsic detail about the Lean Startup methodology.

The Cairo chapter of the event will be organized in the American University in Cairo and it will include keynote sessions by Robbert Van Geldrop and Hani W. Naguib, founder of the Egyptian innovation firm Novus and the man who helped bring the Lean Startup Night to MENA. Additionally, there will also be a fireside chat with Dr. Ayman Ismail, the founding director of AUC Venture Lab.

While entry is free, you have to register first in order to attend the Lean Startup Night as there are only a limited number of seats available currently. You can head to the official event webpage for further insights and registration.