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Dubai-based souKare, a lifestyle and healthcare technology startup raised $400,000 from multiple investors in the GCC region. According to the details shared by the souKare, angel investors from the UAE and Saudi Arabia played a major role in helping the company meet its funding goals.

“I see great potential in the online market for lifestyle and healthcare products and services. I am a big believer in souKare’s vision to provide a simpler, safer and superior solution to customers and redefine the sector”, said Yousuf Siddiki, Saudi investor, and Partner at ValuStrat.

Meanwhile, acknowledging that the latest funding round was an important success, Faraz Khan, the entrepreneur behind souKare, said on an optimistic note that the support from a strong investor panel from the GCC will help the company further boost its growth. He also expressed hope that in due time, souKare will be expanding globally with momentum.

For the unfamiliar, souKare is an e-commerce firm that uses artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technology to offer a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience to customers through its comprehensive online platform. The company has already built a strong presence in the UAE and Saudi.

“The market size for our next category is estimated at 10 times the size of our current two product categories put together. Our vision is to change the way customers purchase lifestyle and healthcare products, and to ultimately become a leading Healthcare Tech player in the region and beyond”, noted Faraz, while speaking of the future potential of souKare.